Small Donations Make A Big Difference


More than 8 million people in the UK struggle to put food on the table according to analysis of U.N data by the Food Foundation thinktank. Food poverty is often overlooked, especially in relatively affluent areas and currently the government is not doing enough to ensure that all of us can afford to buy and eat a decent meal without needing to rely on food banks. Until the government is prepared to take steps to monitor hunger in the UK and tackle the fundamental problems of our food system, we believe that it is important to help those worst off in our communities.

What we do

We campaign to boost donations by encouraging shoppers to donate the freebie from their 241 supermarket deal to their local food bank. Your small donation really can make a big difference. Many users of food banks are families who have fallen on hard times, or people who have unstable or no employment. Increasingly those working on zero hours contracts, who have little or no savings and inconsistent wages. In those cases, paying rent takes priority over buying food.

Who we are

The campaign was set up by local campaigner and Labour activist Emily Clarke from Lewes in East Sussex. Emily had been assisting her local food bank by collecting donations from Labour Party members, friends and family. She was shocked to discover that in her town, an relatively affluent area in the South East of England, there were three food banks operating and all of them in high demand. Emily in her own recent past, had seen first hand how quickly a change in circumstances can mean that someone getting by on a low to average wage, paying high rent in the private sector and providing for small children, could be suddenly catapulted into a financial crisis by the loss of a job or even an unexpected bill. We are now a small but growing network, aiming to in the long term raise awareness of food poverty, food waste and the need for a plan to tackle the issue of hunger in the UK, while in the short term we support our communities and boost vital donations to our local food banks, Trussell Trust and FareShare collection points..